Top 5 Free News & Magazines App for IPhone

Here in this vast technologies another very amazing and useful app is introduced with the help of which we can get a lot of information in real. As this app is related to news and alerts so that’s these why these are called News & Magazines apps. We will now discuss top of the apps for our IPhones and IPads.

iPhone News

This is the app which will help us in finding all the information about IPhones. It contains news and reviews about IPhone’s features in it and you can get all of this for free. You can say this is the best app to get closer to the IPhone.

IT Magazine

IT Magazine is the best app that includes all the knowledge and information about IT. As we all know that it’s the need of our society to come to know about communication and consumer products and services, that’s why this app is specially designed only for this purpose.You should also try Top 7 Free Medical Apps for IPhone here.

Sport Magazine

This app includes all the information related to sports. Now you can have an easy access to your favorite sportsman’s lifestyle and matches. In this app you can also find out the news about latest interviews of famous sportsmen, amazing images and previews of all the actions that are related to sport.

Newscron – all news in one app

In this app you will be able to read all the news that you want most only by just a tap of a button. This app contains all the European newspapers and magazines without paying a single penny. The interesting thing about this app is that you can customized and categorized your favorite news. If you have this app in your IPhone then you won’t be needed anymore newspaper because in this app all the news are published daily related to world, sports and geography.

best Top 5 Free News & Magazines App for IPhone

Top 5 Free News & Magazines App for IPhone


Newsloop is the app that contains all the newspapers which includes local and international news.  In these news you will also find the lifestyle categories in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. This app is designed for both IPhone and Android. This is the best app that can give you a hell of information about your desired news.

iGeeky – Tech News and Gadgets

Now you don’t have to worry about your tech news because with this app you are now be able to read all the tech news in your IPhone. It is now got in the position as the number 1 blogs worldwide. It is also supported in Android sets as well.

I hope that these are the apps that will provide you the best comfort level in this technological life style.

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