Microsoft Surface Pro 2 vs Apple MacBook Air 11 (inch)

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 vs Apple MacBook Air 11

Lately, Microsoft the world’s leading software house has unveiled two of its most awaiting gadgets i.e. Microsoft surface 2 and Microsoft Surface Pro 2. Microsoft claims that the new surface devices are a lot faster than its predecessor. The best thing is Microsoft claimed that they have fixed the most irritating and ironing bugs observed in the originals. The tech geeks are happy to know that they have worked a lot on the awkwardness of the kickstand and shockingly unbearable battery life. The latest Microsoft gadgets will definitely give a new experience to the users because of its adjustable kickstand. Thumbs-up to Microsoft for bringing together the latest tablets with the conventional computers in their latest surface tablets.

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The Surface Pro 2 gets an edge over the Surface 2 because Microsoft itself claims that it is designed in such a way that it will give 50% better graphics, more color accuracy and give 20% over all faster performance. Moreover, the battery life also shows a 60% improvement than its predecessor. Now, the burning questing in the computing world is which one is better Microsoft surface Pro 2 or Apple MacBook air 11 inch? Will Microsoft beat Apple with its latest innovation or Apple will lead the market again?. Too many controversies are in the air and the internet is overloaded with different assumptions. Tech Geeks across the globe are making their own assumptions based on various factors, but the common observation is Apple will lead the market in every way.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 vs Apple MacBook Air 11 (Inch)

Lets have a close look on both leading gadgets i.e. Microsoft surface Pro 2 or Apple MacBook air 11 inch

Operating System:

Surface Pro 2 runs on the advanced windows 8.1 operating system and the MacBook air 11 on Mac OS X . Both are leading OS of their respective brands.

Display and Resolution:

Surface Pro 2 comes with a 10.6 inch screen with 1920*1080 resolution while MacBook air has a larger screen of 11.6 inches with 1366*768 resolution.

Processor and Storage:

Both the gadgets run on Intel Core i5 Haswell processor and share equal memory of 4/8GB. Surface Pro 2 has 32 and 64 storage capacity and the MacBook air comes with only 128GB storage.


Surface Pro 2 has 48Wh batter while MacBook air has 38Wh. “Wh” is the unit that represents the battery life of tech devices.


Surface Pro 2 has 3 ports including mini display and USB 3.0 while MacBook air has thunderbolt and USB 3.0.


Surface Pro 2 has 720p rear and front facing camera while Apple MacBook has 720p front facing camera.


The price for Surface Pro 2 is $899 and Apple MacBook air costs $999.


When comparing the specifications one can easily say to go for the cheaper option because both the gadgets don’t have much difference. The Pro 2 specifications compete with that of an ultrabook but, the structure and design will make the difference. The adjustment in the kickstand will definitely work awesomely in lap but, the MacBook air is still the hot piece of cake for the tech savvy’s.
This comparison has made a few things clear that the Surface Pro 2 wins the ground on the basis of battery life, screen resolution, camera and price. On the other hand, MacBook air grabs the attention with more storage capacity and screen. The same processor and memory make it clear that both will run similarly.

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Having a tablet that is a perfect blend of a tablet and a computer has its own ins and outs. What is the right choice for you mainly depends on your needs and circumstances. No doubt, both these devices have many things in common but, Apple MacBook air wins the heart and will be the hottest option even after the release of Surface Pro 2. Microsoft surface Pro 2 will hit the computing markets on 22nd of October.

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  1. Reader says:

    I’m not sure if I can believe this. The Surface Pro 2 comes in a few different storage sizes. 32GB is not even an option. You have 64/128GB which come with 4GB of RAM and the 256/512GB versions with 8GB of RAM. The only Surface that comes with a 32GB option is the Surface RT and Surface 2(both ARM tablets). Neither the Surface Pro 1 or 2 come in a 32GB model.

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