What’s new with iPhone 6 Air

There is still a boom going on for apple iPhone 5S but the users will be delighted to know that apple is soon going to launch iPhone 6 . Though apple doesn’t launches a newer model for at least one year since its last launch but as the news is going viral that they are going to launch iPhone 6 mostly in the early months of next year all the market gurus are predicting that it’s going to be an early launch for this model .

Name of iPhone 6 -

As we have already seen that Apple is launching its iPad 5 with the name of Apple iPad Air so its predicted that the name of the model going to be launched by apple is going to be iPhone 6 air . The reason for this change can only be disclosed only once the model is launched next year . As the model is being launched within a few months of its latest launch of iPhone 5S so its been said that the new version will not take the place of the earlier version but they both will be on the same level only with a modification . Also see top iphone apps here

What’s new with iPhone 6 Air –

Screen – as we have seen in earlier models of iPhone the screen size was not very big or different from each others but as the rumors are coming in that Apple is planning to provide 4.8 inch screen , but this isn’t it the rumors doesn’t end here it goes on that the size of the screen would be around 5 inches . It is also being said that the screen resolution would be 1920×1080 full HD screen . But it will only be confirmed once the company makes an official statement about it , till then we can just keep guessing .

iPhone 6 Air whats new

iPhone 6 Air

Gesture technology – though we haven’t seen any Apple phones with gesture technology yet but the rumors are up that we might see it for Apple iPhone 6 Air because Apple has a habit of regularly buying smaller companies and this time they have bought Prime Sense which develops gesture technology for Microsoft Kinetic and to do with it they aren’t ready to say the reason why they buyied the company . You may want to read this one also: comparison of  iPad Air vs iPad 4 here.

Durability – we might have seen many smart phone users to be carrying a phone with a crack on the screen so its been said that Apple is planning to develop a phone with a screen which will be much more durable than any other screen being provided by any other manufacturer .
Actually is being said that they are going to provide the users with sapphire glass manufactured by GT Advance Technologies . These glasses will be highly durable and also scratch proof .

Why it’s going to be a must buy –

From acknowledging the above features we can say that this is going to be the best phone of iPhone series and not just that but also the best among all the other high end mobiles available in the market . It’s going to mark a new era among the smart phones because of the innovative technologies being introduced in iPhone 6 Air and we can be pretty sure about it because it’s being developed by Apple.

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