Why we shouldn’t buy Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Let me tell you that Why we shouldn’t buy Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. There are always two sides of anything one is bad and other is good. No one is perfect in this era, and if you talk about technical devices, then there is always certain kind of problems you will face. Now let’s talk about Galaxy S4 Zoom’s good and bad things.

Good Things

If you talk about Galaxy Zoom’s good things then you could say that it’s a very nice and resourceful set. As the name shows us that its main concerned during manufacturing was zoom in and zoom out features in its camera. Its lens is made by Samsung which gives us more clear view then other smart phones. Before going forward you must see Samsung Galaxy Zoom Casings comparison here. Well Galaxy S4 Zoom has a sensor named CMOS that allows us to take pic when there is not enough light around us. CMOS also reduce the negative effect of low light. So its means that Galaxy Zoom is better for snapping pics in outdoors, indoors and evening functions.

galaxy S4 Zoom is not good

galaxy S4 Zoom

Bad Things/disadvantages

Now here are some exceptions which insist you not to keep Samsung Galaxy Zoom as your smart phone. In my opinion the design of galaxy zoom looks very ugly that you don’t feel comfortable while holding it in your hand because of its back camera. Its camera sticks out and gives look like digital cam. It is curved in the Centre that you can’t hold it easily. It is too much sensitive to put it in your pocket, that you may damage it while touching it with some hard surface unconsciously. Also learn about Why should not buy an iPhone 5S it has also some bad features which you must know.

disadvantges of Why we shouldn’t buy Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Samsung put together some parts from S4 in it and make it Galaxy S4 Zoom. But they didn’t reach at that level.  The different parts are squabble with each other.

It has very high sensitive camera and it needs to be handled very carefully but it can’t happen because you require your phone at several times in a day, and it may be affected your camera’s lens. Learn how to do best digital photography with this camera here. Your lens may be distorted through dust or like this sort of things while putting it in your pocket.

Its screen resolution level is below average. It may be used as a perfect camera mobile but you couldn’t say that it is also a good smart phone.

If you want to buy it in a sense that it’s a perfect smart phone then you shouldn’t go for it but if you want it only for a good camera purpose then it’s a good choice. But the point here is that why you spend your precious money for only this purpose, you may go for any digital cam that will give you a lot better result than Galaxy Zoom’s camera in a very less price.

Moreover it is also heavier to carry as compared to simple Samsung Galaxy S4. There is no FM radio and thick enough in physical measurements. Its processor becomes slow down even goes stuck while doing complex tasks.

Now a day a lot of smart phones have arrived in the market that have very slim and thin body and all are easy to put them in your pocket. Who would want to keep that much bumpy and thick body set in his pocket, I think no one. But all that matters is what do you want for yourself.

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